Catherine Macaulay
Catherine Macaulay


How to determine you’re multi-tasking far too much.

You begin cutting corners around sofas and tables looking to gain an edge.

You drop things, then curse vehemently when you’re forced to slow down and clean everything up.

Instead of talking on your cell, you feel compelled to simultaneously scour the shower stall or crawl along the floor wiping up dust balls, determined tto kill 2 birds with one phone.

Road rage no longer seems totally unfounded.

You’re wedded to post its.

The word ‘reflection’ is defined by casting a passing, sideward glance in the mirror rather than any state of inner contemplation, and the result isn’t pretty.

The dogs keep their distance.

You’re convinced everything in this world has become self-serve except you.

You begin to look at your husband differently.

There’s no time to ride!!!

If you answered yes to four or more questions, run-don’t walk-to the nearest barn.


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