Catherine Macaulay
Catherine Macaulay

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

By Catherine Macaulay 


I recently read an article detailing why women over 50 should take up horseback riding. Apart from being a healthy and enjoyable means of exercise, riding relieves stress and offers a great way to make new friends and meet up with people, to name a few.  


To be sure, riding offers countless rewards to people of all ages. But anyone who has ever spent much time around horses knows that however great the rational to ride, sometimes in practice, things turn out differently than what we might theorize. I offer the following:

Riding builds upper body strength.

It’s cheaper than therapy

Forcing you to focus on what’s really important in life

Horses are beautiful to look at

They keep you grounded

…and limber

It’s refreshing 

A great way to make new friends

…and meet up with others

There’s no better way to reduce stress

Connecting with the eye of a horse relaxes me

You can ride anywhere

…any time

And it will always keep you in shape

It’s a sport the entire family can enjoy

These exquisite wind-driven gifts upon whose backs our dreams take flight


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